Are you a smoker?

If your not, then I still think this message could be something worthwhile and entertaining.

Oh, so you are a smoker, but not really because you actually quit or u only smoke 1 or 2 cigarettes and only when u go out dancing?

Or wait no you are actually a smoker for life, because you enjoy it and there shouldnt be anyone interferring in your smokers life, one day you will day anyway, does it really matter how?

Well as long as you are part of my three group of people i mentioned above, all you need to say to yourself is what is the difference… Non-smokers are free of most smokers thoughts they can wait for the bus thinking about what they will cook when they get home, about what they will work when they arrive and about life in general. The smokers that ony smoke rarley might think about the fact that they could smoke at the station but they dont need to and try and not think about a cigarette and try and think about the next time one might go out, have a drink or be invited to smoke. OR which might be the more suffusticated smokers on the way of nonsmoking, they might just think about life in general, read something and just go through timeline of what might happen in the near future.

But if you are a smoke addict, lover, idol (Something like the marlboro cowboy), then you would just think about the time left until the bus would arrive. You would already know that the cigarette smoking time was 4-7 minutes and you would take out a cigarette smoke it till the bus arrives and u might think about all the things other people think about while smoking.

So what exactly is the difference, of course it seems obvoius, but it isnt, it is far more complex to switch from one kind of person to the other…

How can we stop smoking, how can we be like all those people that just dont think about it? I mean if we dont want to think about it we think about smoking even more…and then we smoke.

I guess even if we finally make it there is a point where we cant resist to a cigarette, just something small like an old lady and u dont want her to feell alone and you smoke with her or an invitation where there is a new cigarette brand and u just want to taste it or there is a stressful situation and u have to smoke a cigarette because u were used to do it and it belongs together…

Well all in all the ones who never smoke and never think about smoking are like the ones who never koked and never will, they are clever and they are not dependent on any kind of external influence which u should be able to resist.

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