To be

To be

There is a group of intellectuals who call themselves intellectuals, because all they do the whole day long is talking about things they know about and things they have analyzed and even, which is rare, experienced.

This group of intellectuals might look down on you because they just believe you are too normal to understand their talks and you are too simple to analyze things or you have had too much experience with real life in order to talk about it in an objective point of view.

Then a new group of people form, this time it is the intelligent group. They seem to be bored of life, they are far from analyzing things with anyone else not to get confused about the simplicity of people and the possibility that anyone might be right. These people, loose the sense in sharing their knowledge and their passion and live their senseless life in a way that they try and ignore their thoughts until they break through and they take a day off, with an excuse of being sick.

This sickness is something normal people dont have, it is as if they are a group who experience life as it comes, do not think to much, except for how to finish a day with the amount of energy needed to start the next day with new energy. They are not at all complicated. They are just normal.

But what if you dont know what you want, its not like any of this makes you want to join… What if you just want to be?

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