Vorhang völlig zugezogen

Vorhang völlig zugezogen

This is something personal but also something creative and might not be the reality.

Many of us are just caught up thinking about the most precious moment in their life, which varies the older we get. Some people just believe that every moment we live through no matter if good or bad, is precious. What i believe isnt at all clear.

Nein, was ich denke ist nicht was andere Menschen definieren können, denn manchmal denk ich das Eine und manchmal das Andere und manchmal widerspreche ich mir selbst.

The fact that i find the time to write this note shows people that i use the time i have for something not as worthwile. But some people may find this creative, because everyday life shows them, that there arent many people who write what they think then when they feel like it.

Was Menschen nicht wissen ist das ich gerne und viel schreibe.

Did you know I liked writing and i write a lot?

Well who would have guessed… Anyway the way i am is not the way u make me be. Its the way people, who do not judge me only from what they see, might think i am and then exchange this idea with me to see if there is some truth in what they believed. I am just some little girl who likes to write and likes to act, but would never follow that dream, due to the aim of doing things that are rightful.

Wenn es etwas gibt was ich gerne meinen Freunden sagen möchte, dann ist das Danke das man mich erträgt und dass sie sich die Zeit nehmen und mir ermöglichen sie genauso gut kennenzulernen.

Thank you to my friends that I get the time to get to know you guys. It means a lot, that you for trusting me.

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