to forget

to forget

when there is someone u love
you always want to be above
of things, want to know
want to show
what you feel
and keep this as a real
perspective for u life
but then like a knife
when you get told
that ur not allowed to hold
on to the love in you
which is killing you

but to forget and try not to regret.

time makes you forget things
nice presents like rings
it doesnt help if he found someone
as he is gone
and it hurts even more
that is for sure
when you become past
and the new friend of his will last.

the love of u is so strong
that you think that u might be wrong
and u feel obliged to suffer
and every news makes u tougher
but instead you died inside
which more & more u cant hide

until the crack in ur heart
and this is no art
becomes a wound bigger than
whatever you can
imagine in ur head
and you know his love is dead.

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